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Critique: Body-con

With Fall/Winter 2010 runways came a great uprising of a new trend: bodycon. Bandage skirts, wrap dresses, and form-fitting bodysuits are seen in all my favorite shops (I’m not sure whether or not I should be horrified). As beautiful as bodycon looks on those American Apparel and Express models, let me forewarn you, unless you have a perfectly-sized chest, a perfect slim waist, and perfect long legs, it’s probably not going to look good on you.

Why do I hate body-con?

  1. It embraces everything, and by everything, I mean even your tiniest imperfections. If you have extra weight on the bottom half, it’s going to show. If you have a thicker waist, it’s going to show. If you have extra fat on the upper-half, it’s going to show. I don’t think I can incorporate any more repetition into this segment. In plain, unless you’re a model with a perfect figure, body-con dresses are just not going to cut it for you.

2. It’s not easy to wear without looking awkward. Think about it darlings….since when were bodysuits the thing to wear? I mean, even on a night-out, I’m not sure I want to end up looking like a Lady Gaga replica, not to mention campus looks.

3. (This might be a bit more me)It’s hard to match with the rest of our wardrobes. We college girls have wardrobes stocked with leggings, jeans, cute skirts, light dresses, gorgeous woven tops, and jackets/sweaters/hoodies, etc. But suddenly throwing a bandage skirt in there makes me step back and say…whoa. Sure, for those of you who dare to explore and are willing to try on a bandage piece for yourself, go for it! I’m just a warning sign here…beware.

In conclusion-the Three C’s:

Comfort: 3/10 Stars (tight clothes just aren’t my idea of comfort)

Chicness: 8/10 Stars (pretty trendy I have to admit)

Confidence: 2/10 Stars (nobody wants the world to see their love handles and the roll of fat on their infrapatellar fat pad).

Overall: 13/30 stars. Big no-no.


Critique: Faux Fur

Above is an image from one of my favorite fashion blogs: Whowhatwear.com.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I absolutely cannot understand how faux fur looks good. It reminds me of a snobby 20th century¬† lady with all clothes Chanel. Plus..where can you ever wear faux fur without looking abnormally conspicuous? Faux fur certainly doesn’t cut it for college campuses, work/internships, nor hanging out with friends (during which “fun” is the key word and you don’t want to get held down by a lump of fur). My clothes need to be practical and I guess faux fur just doesn’t do it for me. What do you think of faux fur?

Alternatives to Faux Fur Coats:

1. Just as warm and cozy

2. Layer it up