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Je les adore

Pre-final exam week. Unfortunately for me, time to go on huge shopping spree retail therapies is nonexistent. I am thus left to online retail therapy. Although it is much less appealing and satisfying than going crazy in a mall, it suffices in comparison to Simpson’s Rule and Lewis Dot Structures.

Anyways, I thought I should share with you a few products that really caught my eye. Je les adore!

Keynote Necklace: Why? I am in need of another necfklace. The only necklace I wear right now is a marbe with small light green beads, supposedly a lucky charm from Taiwan that ensures good grades. Skepticism overcomes my superstition of course, but it still looks pretty nice as a fashion accessory so I wear it anyways. P.S. CHECK OUT MODCLOTH’S NEW ALICE IN WONDERLAND INSPIRED SECTION.

Flapper Style: I recently started re-reading The Great Gatsby…again. Anyways,  Daisy Buchanan and Jordan Baker are simply so inspirational when it comes to style and attitude. I know I should not be drawing inspiration from Daisy, who lacks mental strength, and with Jordan, who has very little character plot. Anyways, I was thrilled when I found this top on La Garconne. The tassels totally remind me of something flappers could pull off.

A Heartbeat Bag: Perhaps my newest favorite designer is Rebecca Minkoff. She combines casual chic with edgy to make a combination of awesome handbags. I am lacking a beautiful handbag at this moment. I only have my mother’s “The Sak” purse from the 90s, a cheap floral tote from Macy’s, a Kipling messenger bag, and a turquoise school bag. I don’t have a real “chic”handbag at this moment. Obviously, I fell in love with Rebecca Minkoff’s heartbeat bag.

Other handbags I fell in love with:

Chambray Ruffle Skirt: Only two words are needed-Trendy and Chambray!

A bientot, mes fashionistas!


In Love! Neiman Marcus

The other day I received a HUGE NEIMAN MARCUS CATALOGUE IN THE MAIL! I guess it’s because I spent almost $200 on Bobbi Brown makeup during the Neiman Marcus grand opening. It was called “The Book” and I can see why. It was humongous. I read it over and over and over again, memorizing my favorite items and designers.

I was most impressed by Diane Von Furstenberg and the handbags! How I fell in love with every single handbag in the catalog from the blue Jimmy Choo snakeskin hobo to the white Michael Kors tote!

I really do need a new handbag. But as a college student on a budget, I suppose Jimmy Choo and Chanel just aren’t within my range. Thankfully my mother bestowed upon me a chic Juicy Couture black velvet tote for Christmas, so I’m not too left behind.

But let’s stop thinking about our budget for now, and daydream. My dream handbags:


Yves Saint Laurent-

Diane Von Furstenberg-


When You’re Feeling Loud..

A few pieces you ought to consider on the nights when you know you’re going to get drunk and embarrass yourself, or when you know your friends and you are going to goof off like kids. My thoughts:

1. A Loud Tee

2. Loud Jewelry

3. Loud Makeup

Sunglasses: Part I-Aviators

This is part I of a lengthy series I will be writing about the different types of sunglasses and the good/bad deals out there! So, to start off, aviators. Aviators are one of my favorite types of shades because of how vintage and chic they can look at the same time. I mean face it. We’ve been seeing aviators from people like Paul McCartney, and, even…Lady Gaga in her music video for “Bad Romance”.

Aviators can be more difficult to purchase. Unlike regular plastic shades, aviators really have to be a perfect fit for your face in order to prevent discomfort and unstylishness. I have tried on oh so many pairs at Nordstrom that were simply too loose.

Yet, seeing as aviators are so popular right now, you also have to be careful not to overspend on a pair. But don’t underspend either. Don’t buy flimsy aviators that fall apart. You really have to keep looking for the right price and right size (it won’t take long, trust me). Secret confession? I got my aviators from Aldo…a shoe store. But, seriously, if a shoe store carries aviators that fit my face (which rarely happens), there are definitely numerous choices out there. Want me to give you a taste of what I’m talking about? Here goes:

The Expensive Ones: (Real) Ray-Ban and Prada

The Good Deals (Pac-Sun and Aldo)

The Color-My-Worlds (Urban Outfitters and dElia’s)


Lady Gaga’s Aviators (Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters)

So, yeah. That’s about all that I can think of right now. comment with more suggestions! (P.S. all the images are clickable. Meaning..click on them to find exactly where I found the sunglasses)

In Love! Glitz and Glamour

This is a recently sprouted obssession: sequins. Every time I see a sequined jacket or dress with sequins, I am inevitably drawn to its sparkle and glitter. When I hit the fitting room, I am even more awestruck.

Sadly to say though, I rarely find a chance to wear sequins. College doesn’t call for the same sort of dresses people wear to high school dances. But, just to give you a taste of what I’ve been obsessing about these past weeks…sample outfits with sequins.

Outfit #1: A Touch of Glitz

Product Info for outfit 1: Sequin Tank (Charlotte Russe), Cardigan (forever 21), jeans (modcloth).

Outfit #2: P.Y.T. (Yes, a mini-tribute to MJ)


Product Info: Blazer and Top (topshop.com), Skirt (forever 21)

Outfit #3: You ARE My Shining Star

Product Info: Dress (modcloth.com), leggings (twelve by twelve)

In Love! Ribbons/Bows

Maybe it’s the side effect of my new obsession over vintage items, or maybe it’s just the hidden side of my girly outfits. But I have a confession to make. Every time I walk in a store and see anything (jewelry, sweaters, tops) with a ribbon or bow on it…I fall in love. I don’t know why! Here are some of my favorite pieces with ribbons/bows:

Product information:

Shirt/Tunic: dElia’s

Necklace: Modcloth.com

Sweater: Topshop.com

Headband: Charlotte Russe

In Love! Vintage Ruffles

All above examples are from modcloth.com, an absolutely fantastic online store for vintage and unique clothes. Very non-mainstream.

I chose three very diverse examples of ruffles to show what  ruffles can do. The top furthest on the right is very reminiscent of the mid-20th century. It goes along with the emerging Mad Men craze. This is somewhat more of a fashion statement as it distinctly sets your style towards the vintage direction.

How can you pull a vintage sweater like this off without looking ridiculous?

Pair it with casual items that you would normally wear. A nicely-fitting camisole, a pair of skinny leg jeans, and ballet flats are what I pair with my vintage ruffle cardigan.

Now, the next item is not quite as daring as the vintage sweater. The next is a more subtle touch at the ruffle/vintage idea.  It is an elegantly simple dress that you could wear any day. Pair this with your  favorite pair. of leggings and a blazer/jacket, and you could be heading off to school in style. You don’t need to worry about looking ridiculous with this garment.

And now….the grand finale. The ruffled skirt. The skirt I chose for this post has a strange sort of 19th-century Gothic feel to it, at least it does for me, with the lace and silky-looking material for the waist. But the beautiful pastel colors makes it a toally eligible addition to your wardrobe. I have to admit though…this might be the hardest of all three to pair with something from your closet. Let’s brainstorm, shall we?

Potential Outfit : Looking Chic for Class

Leggings and Top: Forever 21. Denim Jacket: kaboodle.com