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How to Dress Like Lady Gaga in “Alejandro”

I never need to check for Lady Gaga videos because, as soon as her videos come out, the world is captivated and it is so hard not to sense the change. If you haven’t seen the latest Lady Gaga video, please watch it right above. It’s lengthy, as most of her videos are, but definitely worth watching.

Now that you’ve watched the video, tell me, is it just me or does her clothing in this video take a much more conservative air? Monastery robes and long pants just never seemed to strike me as very “Lady Gaga”. And when she does choose to reveal some skin, no more leather bras and lingerie with studs, it’s a plain skin-colored bra and panty with solid black garters (are those even garters?).

To add on to this conservativeness, something about the whole video reminded me of communist Russia. Maybe it was the snow, the uniformity, I don’t even know! The setting in general definitely did not seem contemporary and brought me back to the mid-20th century. As usual, I will touch on the outfits in this video that struck me the most and proceed to provide some outfits related with those.

Outfit 1: The Cardinal?

In the two images above we see Lady Gaga clad in very, how should I put it, clothes closely related with religious icons. She is dressed in the traditional red and white combo in the first picture with a cross-like symbol very conveniently placed (ahem). In the second picture, she wears a robe with the same cross-like symbol on her arm. Eyebrow-raising indeed! How does one pull off such religious symbols in a day-to-day outfit? I’m not sure either, but let’s give it a shot with a tube maxi dress (robe-like) with some Gothic accessories.

Outfit 2: Nude

How convenient! One of this year’s hottest trends is nude. Nude dresses, natural makeup, etc. If by nude you thought I meant clothes-less, you are helplessly wrong, my dear. I am referring to the skin-colored trend.

Interesting how colorless Lady Gaga is in this video (after that explosion of colors we saw in “Telephone”. But change is good, for the most part, right?) When wearing the nude trend, don’t go overboard. You  don’t want to get drowned out in colorless-ness. Notice how Lady Gaga wisely adds black garters to contrast the rest of her outfit.

Outfit 3:

Sorry I don’t have a picture from the video for this one, but if you look at around 5:38, there is a picture of Lady Gaga in a very vintage jumpsuit. Reminds me of the disco age. Once again, another nice move on Lady Gaga’s part wearing the “jumpsuit/romper” way in a style unique to her. Way to go, Gaga! When imitating this outfit of hers, notice the black and white contrast and those sexy heels.

Outfit 4: And last but not least…Military Style

From the beginning to the end, we are shown outfits reminiscent of the military. Helmets and full uniforms are abundant in this video. Military has been a major trend for Fall 2009 and Lady Gaga conveniently incorporates it here. It’s pretty easy takings ome military and sticking it into your own outfit, but can you do it the Gaga way?

Tell me now. Are you Gagafied?


Inspired by the Kentucky Derby

(A gallery of some more Kentucky Derby looks can be found here)

Whether it’s Churchill or Santa Anita, derbies have always been a crucial slice of American culture. Cute hats and lovely dresses. Oh…

But for some of us (me, included) derbies simply mean another afternoon nestled in front of my television waiting for the little snippets of celebrities and what they’re wearing while my eyes ooze with envy. Regardless, not being able to attend a derby does not mean that we are not able to bring bits of derby-style clothes in our own wardrobes. Here are my ideas.

Outfit 1-A Little bit of Derby, but Pretty All the Way: A subtle touch of pink, but pretty all the way. This outfit is cute for anything. To get this “little derby touch”, try putting a little pink anywhere into your outfit and top it off with a cute hat or a hat on a headband (like the one below). How much cuter does derby style get?

Outfit 2: Bold in Floral-Possibly one of the most popular trends that we’ve seen today is floral. And, yes, it’s true, you can go to campus wearing floral without looking completely ridiculously. After all, it is spring (and May, for that matter) and there is no better way to celebrate your enthusiasm for this season than with a beautiful floral skirt and a vintage flower hat.

Outfit 3: Sleek in Black-Yes, you can still pull off black at a derby. With style too. And, so, you can still bring Kentucky Derby style into your closet in black. With black, we’re going for less floral and cute, and more elegance and beauty. As we saw with Naomi’s sister Jen in 90210 (picture above), wearing black definitely enhances your figure and adds an elegant touch to a usually exuberant day. How so? Little elegant (but still girly) things such as lace paired with a black blouse, a vintage black hat, and any other variation of black that you would like completes your derby-inspired look.

And, as a finish, enjoy this classic ASCOT scene from My Fair Lady:

How to Dress Like Rihanna in “Rude Boy”

It’s amazing how much Rihanna has changed since the first time I heard her. She went from small, hip-hop singer to huge pop sensation in, what, 1 year? That’s a huge jump! She’s also become one of those people that you just run into on the radio, oh, about every 5 minutes or so? Her most popular single at this moment is a new song called “Rude Boy”. Check it out below:

When I first watched this video, it immediately left an impression. All the outfits, makeup, and hair in this video must have taken a great amount of time and stylists. What better way to celebrate a Sunday morning than to blog about Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” style? 😉

Animal Print:

A recurring trend in this video is animal print. Leopard print pants, snake-pattern scarf, and a zebra outfit? This girl is going to the zoo! And so are you if you try out these outfit inspirations:

Outfit 1-Getting Wild Mixing up peacock, zebra, leopard, and elephant has never been more fun.

Outfit 2-Night Prowler

Hardcore Rock:

Perhaps what fashionistas recognize as Rihanna’s domain is her hardcore rock style. She certainly doesn’t lose this style in her music video with that opening scene of caged pumps and metallics.

Outfit 1: Glitz ‘n’ Glam + Rock ‘n’ Roll

Bright Colors (In A Very Tribal Sort of Way): Rihanna is such a trend-inista in this video! Hard metal, animal print, tribal colors. Dang! That girl has definitely been looking at some runways. But, regardless, her incorporation of abstract patterns and brights were definite fashionista eye candy in this video.

A Touch of Tribal:

So…I guess it’s time to go out there and show you wild side isn’t it? Go for it!

Inspired by “The Graduate”

Recently, a friend L– told me that I should do a blog post about clothing in “The Graduate”. With the seductive and manipulative Mrs. Robinson and her preppy, Berkeley daughter, how could I resist?

In sort, this film tells the story of a recent, award-winning, track-running, college graduate Benjamin, who is seduced by Mrs. Robinson (a married woman of course). Things take a wrong turn when Benjamin meets and falls for Mrs. Robinson’s daughter Elaine.

Let’s start with…well….none other than Mrs. Robinson

Mrs. Robinson has become iconic as a seductress. How do I know this? Well, when you’re parodied, it means that you are so well-known for something that people actually find it funny. How many “Graduate” parodies of famous Mrs. Robinson lines/moves have I seen? Quite a few.

Her style is very classy though (didn’t all seductresses look like classy, slick people?). Fur coats, black dresses, and very typical 1950s/60s. It is very important to remember one thing when imitating Mrs. Robinson’s style: bring out your inner appeal. She may be twice Benjamin’s age, but she still has something about her that is so darn attractive.

Outfit 1:

Outfit 2-Party Perfect

ELAINE! I mean…Elaine Robinson:

Elaine is an icon of innocence in this film. Her plain Berkeley girl style along with her doe-eyes makes her a significant contrast from her mother. That is also quite evident in their clothes. We see Elaine wearing white, from her first date outfit to her wedding dress, whereas her mother is seen clad in black and sly as a vixen. Here are a few of my interpretations of their clothes:

Outfit 1: Old School-The key about looking like Elaine is to look effortless. Simple pieces that are totally stylish. My interpretation? A basic parka with a vintage tee and some girly white jeans.

Outfit 2: Party Perfect

A bientot!

Inspired by…”Jersey Girl” (1992)

I know that as you’re reading this, you will probably smack your hand on your forehead and sigh in exasperation, “Not another chick flick, Natalie!” But, yes, I just watched another old chick flick and, needless to say, was fashionistically inspired. The story is based upon a “Cinderella Story”, but it is so much quirkier and more fun than any “Cinderella Story” movies I’ve ever watched. Not to mention the oversized hair and fun style that Toby (Jami Gertz) embraces. The movie winds about Toby, an lower-middle-class single lady whose love life is clearly not going at the pace she wants, who meets an upper class man named Sal at a Mercedes dealership. She ends up pursuing Sal and gets in a “fender bender” with him and the movie progresses from there.

Outfit 1-Inspired by Toby’s Pink Top and Polka Dot Skirt

Outfit 2: Inspired by Toby’s Oversized Tees

Outfit 3: Downtown+Uptown=new outfit? You can’t just do a blog post about a Cinderella Story and not mix up the downtown and uptown elements. Toby and Sal…hmmm.

Hope this is inspiring! As for me..time to grab some breakfast.

How to Dress Like Ke$ha-Part I

With “Tik tok” resounding from Kiss FM nearly every other time I flip the radio on and my sister playing “Blah blah blah” on her laptop, we simply can’t deny that Ke$ha has definitely made a mark in the world. I know, it might be hard to write a fashion post about her, but I’ll give it a shot. Shall we, fashionistas?


Her look consists of a dark smoky eyes, tangerine/bronze lips, pale skin, and beachy hair. My favorite products for this look are the following:

Tik-tok: Wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy…oh my word. That song rings bells. Yes it does. But, regardless, let’s look at how Ke$ha decided to style her wardrobe in her music video for “Tik tok”

Outfit 1:I’m out the door, I’m gonna hit the city

Outfit 2: And the party don’t start till I walk in

“Alice in Wonderland” Outfits

3-D glasses, a bright array of colors, classic Disney tale retold, Johnny Depp, need I say more? Tim Burton’s newest “Alice in Wonderland” has enthralled people all over the world. Well done, Tim Burton! And, of course, as the mad fashion blogger I am, watching the movie instantly got me thinking: how can I dress like the characters? Below, I will present you with some of my own personal inspiration drawn from the movie, outfits that, we fashionistas, can enjoy without looking like we stepped out of Wonderland.


Everything about Alice is sort of the “defying-Victorian-norms” concept. Her going into business, not wearing stockings/corsets. To create Alice’s look in our own wardrobes, bringing un-girly items in will totally do the trick.

My interpretation:

Mad Hatter:

Johnny Depp’s portrayal of the Mad Hatter left me in awe, once again. His outfit is really very eclectic and impressive. Here’s a tutorial on his hair/makeup look, just for fun:

My interpretation:

The Red Queen:

Her heart-shaped lips, the wardrobe of all her courtiers, red, gold and black. Impressive and amusing. Here’s a make-up tutorial for the Red Queen.

My interpretation:

The White Queen:

The White Queen is the symbol of all good in the world. Her pure white outfit, her dainty arm motions, her adoring smile. Beautiful. Here’s a makeup tutorial:

My interpretation: