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J’adore le chocolat

Confession: I have been severely addicted to chocolate ever since Valentine’s Day when I received an adorable little box of Fran’s Salted Caramel Chocolates and a huge box of a Godiva Dark Chocolate Assortment. I finished the caramels the first day but that Dark chocolate assortment sits on my table luring me with its exotic and dark charm every day. I can’t help myself. šŸ˜¦ Seen below, are my beloved chocolates.

Salted Caramels: The gorgeous tasting salted caramels of Fran’s (a lovely chocolate store in Seattle from which even President Obama placed orders) are not to be compared with anything. The rich, sticky caramel that one loves to wrap your taste buds around, coated with a perfect layer of chocolate and topped with a few grains of salt enlightens our sense of taste in every possible manner. How am I inspired by salted caramels? How you can take something as sweet and untouchable as chocolate and caramel, and top it with salt. Fashion connection: perfectly sweet items topped with something on the opposite side of the fashionmeter. I will try wearing outfits with some of my most typical girly pieces, but top them with something exotic or edgy.

Godiva Truffles: Oh dear. I am controlling my fingers on the keyboard right now from going on a furious typing spree about the wonders of truffles, from their delicate shell to their rich and creamy insides. Raspberry and hazelnut are undoubtedly my favorites, but nearly every truffle does the same thing to your taste buds. It enlightens you and makes you feel complete bliss. How can clothes do the same? I’m not sure. And I don’t want to make a far-reaching connection that will leave great question marks on the faces of my readers, so I’ll make a statement instead. A truffle consists of two important parts: the shell and the cream. Although the cream is perhaps the most prominent part, the shell is a complement to the cream and I have to say that our senses would not be satisfied without the shell. Never forget the shell that goes along with the cream of your outfit.

Seen below is one of my favorite fashion bloggers Betty (she’s French too). The link to her blog is attached to the image. I have chosen her to exemplify what I mean by the shell and the cream. Notice how she has a lovely outfit below with a frilly skirt and a casual tee. Yet, would this outfit be “Betty” without the jacket? Hardly. The jacket (shell) is the finishing touch that gives her outfit style. Just like artists never forget to sign their names, you as a wearer of fashion should never forget to put your finishing touch onto your outfit.

Dark Chocolate:

So many people question my love for dark chocolate. I think of it almost as a Gothic romance, dark chocolate and I. The bitterness we share creates a mutual adoration that never ceases. What’s so beautiful about dark chocolate? How pure and basic it is. White chocolate is…hardly chocolate. Milk chocolate has traces of cacao, but mostly sugar and cream. Dark chocolate is the closest one gets to the “real thing”. Fashion connection: dark is basic and bold. The little black dress has been around for decades and has never ceased to create beauty. Do not think that you have to let go of your “safe zone” with dark colors to experiment with lighter colors. Yet, even beyond simple dark pieces, dark chocolate is risky in its bitterness, which doesn’t appeal to everyone in America like milk chocolate does to most anyone who can eat chocolate. Dark chocolate…stands out.

Seen below are our beloved Audrey in her classic little black dress and Lady Gaga in her edgier take on all-black.


Inspired by…Sushi

Sushi! The new trend that has Blair Waldorf throwing Sushi and Sake parties with Toro and has parties ofĀ college studentsĀ hitting sushi bars for dinner. Probably my favorite part about sushi is its variety and the little “tidbits of everything” you can get. Even when you’re not sitting at a sushi bar, you are offered bento boxes with small containers of food such as a small grilled salmon fillet, sashimi,Ā  salad, little cucumber sushi rolls, and miso soup. To recreate this in an outfit may be difficult but remember the key is to have a little bit of everything. I mean just look at sushi pictures! Colors and variety galore!

Most commonly seen in sushi are warm colors. From the red of tuna to the orange of salmon, the yellow of egg to the peachy (with a gray tint) of mackarel. Yet, never forget the seaweed!

Outfit 1-Maguro (Tuna)

Sushi are always very cozy and closely wrapped together. Here’s an outfit inspired by the colors and coziness of a Maguro sushi roll. Trendy elements related to Maguro sushi rolls: dark red, color blocks, body-con

Outfit 2-Saba (Mackarel)

One of the most beautiful parts about Saba is its gentle fading of colors, which we rarely find in sushi. Notice that this sushi is not a roll so I’m making this outfit a bit “looser” and more spring-like. Trendy elements related to saba: pastel colors and loose harem pants.

Outfit 3-Tamagoyaki (Egg Sushi)

Something interesting about Tamagoyaki is how it is in the form of our Saba sushi seen above (not a tight sushi roll), yet it stisll has that seaweed wrapped around it. Trendy elements of Tamagoyaki sushi: belts, pastel colors, tatters (notice the pores in the egg), defined waist

Outfit 4-Inari (Fried Tofu Filled with Rice)

Perhaps one of my favorite types of sushi (because I don’t like eating much raw meat) is the Inari. A delicious fried tofu pouch filled with rice, often topped with light Japanese seasoning. It is filling and delicious! Trendy elements related to Inari: African savannah, thin cardigans, the white shirt.

Hope this inspires you to some extent!