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How to Dress Like Lady Gaga in “Alejandro”

I never need to check for Lady Gaga videos because, as soon as her videos come out, the world is captivated and it is so hard not to sense the change. If you haven’t seen the latest Lady Gaga video, please watch it right above. It’s lengthy, as most of her videos are, but definitely worth watching.

Now that you’ve watched the video, tell me, is it just me or does her clothing in this video take a much more conservative air? Monastery robes and long pants just never seemed to strike me as very “Lady Gaga”. And when she does choose to reveal some skin, no more leather bras and lingerie with studs, it’s a plain skin-colored bra and panty with solid black garters (are those even garters?).

To add on to this conservativeness, something about the whole video reminded me of communist Russia. Maybe it was the snow, the uniformity, I don’t even know! The setting in general definitely did not seem contemporary and brought me back to the mid-20th century. As usual, I will touch on the outfits in this video that struck me the most and proceed to provide some outfits related with those.

Outfit 1: The Cardinal?

In the two images above we see Lady Gaga clad in very, how should I put it, clothes closely related with religious icons. She is dressed in the traditional red and white combo in the first picture with a cross-like symbol very conveniently placed (ahem). In the second picture, she wears a robe with the same cross-like symbol on her arm. Eyebrow-raising indeed! How does one pull off such religious symbols in a day-to-day outfit? I’m not sure either, but let’s give it a shot with a tube maxi dress (robe-like) with some Gothic accessories.

Outfit 2: Nude

How convenient! One of this year’s hottest trends is nude. Nude dresses, natural makeup, etc. If by nude you thought I meant clothes-less, you are helplessly wrong, my dear. I am referring to the skin-colored trend.

Interesting how colorless Lady Gaga is in this video (after that explosion of colors we saw in “Telephone”. But change is good, for the most part, right?) When wearing the nude trend, don’t go overboard. You  don’t want to get drowned out in colorless-ness. Notice how Lady Gaga wisely adds black garters to contrast the rest of her outfit.

Outfit 3:

Sorry I don’t have a picture from the video for this one, but if you look at around 5:38, there is a picture of Lady Gaga in a very vintage jumpsuit. Reminds me of the disco age. Once again, another nice move on Lady Gaga’s part wearing the “jumpsuit/romper” way in a style unique to her. Way to go, Gaga! When imitating this outfit of hers, notice the black and white contrast and those sexy heels.

Outfit 4: And last but not least…Military Style

From the beginning to the end, we are shown outfits reminiscent of the military. Helmets and full uniforms are abundant in this video. Military has been a major trend for Fall 2009 and Lady Gaga conveniently incorporates it here. It’s pretty easy takings ome military and sticking it into your own outfit, but can you do it the Gaga way?

Tell me now. Are you Gagafied?


How to dress like Lady Gaga in “Telephone”

Lady Gaga has an indescribable effect on our world. As soon as she releases a new video, Facebook statuses instantly change to compliment her studded bras. Her video jumps to the top of the iTunes music video chart and the “videos being watched now” section of Youtube is flooded with her face. And, of course, your dear fashion blogger here immediately starts working on a Lady Gaga fashion post. For those of you who have not yet let the Lady Gaga video infiltrate your minds, here it is:

Yet, before I do a hardcore Gaga post, let’s take a look at Beyonce in this video. She also looks quite lovely.

Jewels, brights, gold-tassel shoulder pads. All in this outfit! It seems like a new take on traditional “royalty” clothing.

How can you bring this look into your wardrobe?

  • A traditional blazer with jewels/tassels.
  • Bright colored clothing
  • Bright colored accessories
  • remember…”clashing is dashing”

My interpretation:

And, now…LADY GAGA

Every single one of her outfits in the morning takes it to the “Next level”. In other words, she takes simple trends and styles that we are likely to dabble in and pushes it to the limit. To start off, let’s look at her opening outfit:

Lady Gaga takes shoulder pads (recently seen on many fashion runways) and exaggerates them beyond imagination. She takes cat-eyed sunglasses and exaggerates them just as much. Gothic makeup covers her face.

How can you bring this look into your wardrobe?

  • Blacks and whites only
  • The sunglasses
  • Dark red lipstick
  • Broad shoulders

My interpretation:


Stud Muffin!

Rather than our casual takes on studs with a few studs on our boots, or on the shoulders of our sweaters, Lady Gaga wears a stud-COVERED jacket. Enough said. Studs are totally in. Some items that really embody this stud muffin look:

All-American Girl

Her yellow hair and American-flag outfit scream “All-American girl” to us. While this trend is definitely not our thing anymore, it’s interesting to speculate on how we can inforporate this into our wardrobe:

  • Red, White, and Blue
  • Stars
  • Bandeaus?

My Interpretation:

Big Accessories:

In my other Lady Gaga posts, we saw that Lady Gaga definitely has a thing for big accessories. But, seemingly big and excessive accessories just don’t do the trick for her anymore, I guess. She has now turned to chains and blindfolds covered with burning cigarettes for help. A few items that imitate her look:

Well…that was inspiring, to say the least.

Have a gorgeous day, fashionistas!

Lady Gaga Week Finale

As sad as I am to bid farewell to Lady Gaga, it has to be done. I’m sure I’ll blog about Lady Gaga again every now and then, but I suppose it’s time to feature someone/something new. In recognition of this, here are some finalizing thoughts on Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga’s Hair Bow:

Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” Makeup:

Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” Makeup:

Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” Makeup:

Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” Piano Tutorial:

What would Lady Gaga wear on Valentine’s Day?

We’ve looked at four of her videos already (I chose to ignore “Poker Face” since there are probably hundreds of blog posts on that video already). By now, we have a pretty good idea of what Lady Gaga likes to wear in each video. So let’s take our facts now and put it into action: what would Lady Gaga wear on Valentine’s Day? The day of love, romance, and boy-hunting. I’ve broken down Lady Gaga into three categories below. Hope this is amusing/inspiring!

Category 1: You’ve Left Me Speechless (Sweet, Romantic)

Outfit 1- Pastel Pink from “Beautiful Dirty Rich” + Jewelry from “Bad Romance”

Outfit 2: Floral from “Eh eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)” + Frills from “Paparazzi”

Category 2: Playing a Lovegame (Flirty, sexy)

Outfit 1-Structured Shoulder from “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” /Curve-Embracing from “Paparazzi” + Glitter  from “Bad Romance”

Outfit 2: Cotton Candy Pink (Eh eh, nothing else I can say) + Metal (“Bad Romance”)

Category 3: Bad Romance (Super Sexy/Badass)

Outfit 1-Red (Beautiful, Dirty, Rich)

Outfit 2-Bodycon Skirt (“Paparazzi”)+Sheer (“Bad Romance”)

Hope this is inspirational!

Party Outfits Inspired by Lady Gaga in “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich”

“Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” is another one of Lady Gaga’s more popular videos. It tells the story in general of Lady Gaga at a party (a rich people party). I decided not to create day-to-day outfits from Lady Gaga in this video since it would be a bit repetitive from what we have seen already. Therefore, I am creating party outfits based on Lady Gaga in this video.

Lady Gaga at the Beginning: Little Black Dress with Amazing Shoulders

Lady Gaga was her badass look with the sunglasses and the shoulders is a great source of inspiration for parties in general. Here are a few outfits inspired by her:

Outfit 1-Dance Party-Structured Black + Shiny Gold

Outfit 2-Casual Party-Black with a Gold Belt

Lady Gaga In Red: The Signature Look of the Video

The outfit that people think of when we think of this video is the one of Lady Gaga in red. Her red onesie and red lipstick are so conspicuous in this music video, it doesn’t take any prying at all to figure out that this is the outfit she wants to represent this video. The solid red with touches of gold is very inspirational. Here are a few outfits inspired by the red+gold look:

Outfit 1: Casual Drinks-Sexy Red and Adventurous Gold Polka Dots

Outfit 2: Cocktail Party-Dressy Red and Gold

Lady Gaga’s Lingerie+Beret

Lady Gaga  pulls off another one of her favorite elements: lingerie. This time, with a French beret and dark lipstick. Below are a few outfits inspired by the pastel pink and dark tints of her outfit:

Outfit 1-SemiFormal Party-Pastel Pink+black tint

Outfit 2-

Hope this is inspirational!

How to Dress Like Lady Gaga in “Eh eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)”

The gorgeous country of Italy, with its splash of color and sunshine. What better place than to base another one of her music videos in! Lady Gaga’s “Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)” music video includes colorful outfits (a nice alternative to what we’ve seen in “Bad Romance”) and amazing hairdos. Here’s the video:

Lady Gaga’s Outfits:

Yellow Blossom Outfit At the End of the Video:

This is so unlike Lady Gaga! I mean, think about it. Lady Gaga wearing flowers. Last time we saw her at the Grammys, she was wearing an iceberg-like headdress and holding a sharp spiked object. This is why I decided to feature her flower outfit first. Her hair and her outfit are both very…not typical for her. She looks like she walked straight off the cover of a 1950s covershoot. Here are a few pieces inspired by the floral look she embodies:

Lady Gaga’s “Looking Tough and Sexy” Outfit

This is a bit more like Lady Gaga, I suppose. White dress with shoulder pads and awesome sunglasses. But, I’m choosing to feature this outfit after the previous because Lady Gaga once again embodies a very retro look with her sunglasses, hairdo, and outfit. Her hair reminds me of the “I Love Lucy” show, her sunglasses of John Lennon, and her outfit of the 1980s. Way to mix Gaga! Here are a few sample outfits that mix up elements from the 20th century-

Outfit 1: 50s-like Dress + 80s-like Structured Shoulder

Outfit 2: 60s-Groove Dress + 40s-Style Fedora

Outfit 3-Just like Lady Gaga:

Cotton Candy (Cherry cherry boom boom):

This is more of an analysis of the surroundings in which Lady Gaga resides. Although she is clad in a simple bra…she is lying on a pink polka dot bedsheet with sky blue walls. This deserves an “OMG”, as we never see Lady Gaga in such a cheery setting. Inspired by the cotton candy colors:

Last but not least, the signature outfit of the video:

As Lady Gaga strolls down the streets of Italy with her dear friends, we see her wearing a sky blue outfit with a tank and shorts. We also spy…her infamous bow made out of hair! Inspired by her summer-like, blue elements:

It is 11:18 pm. I think i’m getting tired. I guess this is it then. Good night all!

How to Dress Like Lady Gaga in “Paparazzi”

“Paparazzi” is another one of Lady Gaga’s most popular videos. There are recurring elements of class and wealth throughout the video. From Lady Gaga’s face printed on dollar bills to dancing in palace-like settings. It seems clear what Lady Gaga is going for in this video.

Below is the video and a collage of some key images in the video:

Elements of Lady Gaga’s outfits:

Shiny Leather-like-

Lady Gaga’s shiny leather or perhaps, plastic outfit does not complement the regal sofa on which she lies, but “clashing is dashing”. Below is an outfit inspired by the shiny leather look and the pastel, royal print of the couch:

Mickey Mouse?:

One of Lady Gaga’s most impressive outfits in this video is in her final outfit…when she is wearing a yellow body suit covered with..Mickey Mouses? Her Mickey Mouse glasses and impressive shoulder pads are also very inspiring. Personally, I laughed when I saw her like this. I love it!

Outfit 1: Inspired by the Mickey Mouse, the yellow/black color combination, the glasses, and her edgy cuff

Outfit 2: Inspired by the yellow/black color combination, shoulder pads, and peace sign tattoo

Curve-Embracing Bodysuit:

As Lady Gaga falls, she is seen in a curve-embracing bodysuit with gentle pleats. A bodysuit probably won’t be that great of an idea so let me suggest a curve-embracing, white pleated dress instead?


As a perfect complement to the royal palaces and mansions she dances in, Lady Gaga is seen in one scene clad in a one shoulder frill (and a flowy skirt that encircles half her waist). Inspired by the frills-

Outift 1: Solid top with frills of an opposite color

A Frilly Frock does the trick:


Another element also seen in “Bad Romance” is metal. Her metal dress and metal bodysuit are quite impressive. Below are a few items (not an outfit), inspired by Lady Gaga’s love of metal:

Hope this is inspirational!