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Adding A Fun Touch to Every Outfit

It’s not easy being a fashionista. People expect a lot out of you. If you show up wearing sweats and a t-shirt simply because you were running late, people will stare in awe. Therefore, I am giving all of you fashionistas a big break. No more restraints and rules about what to or what not to wear. It’s time to truly enjoy yourselves. Here’s how to add a fun touch to any outfit.

Preppy+Quirky Tee/Shoes=Schooltime Fun

If your idea of fun is your awesome, quirky tee from that music festival/concert/boutique you went to all those months ago, pull out that tee and mix it with some preppy pieces for a great look!

Bohemian+Retro Accessories=Music Festival Style

If your idea of fun means retro and a rainbow of colors, go for a bohemian maxi dress that is perfectly compatible with any retro accessories you have.

Girly Meets Gothic

If your idea of fun is something a bit more on the naughty and sexy side, go for some Gothic elements in your classic girly wardrobe.

Simpler Ways to Look Fun? Socks and sunglasses.


A Giant Fashionista Shout-Out

I’ve had this blog for a little over 1/4 of a year now and just passed 3,000 views total a couple days ago.

3000 VIEWS! 3000 VIEWS! 3000 VIEWS!

To all my fellow schoolmates and friends who laughed, gawked, or read my blog: here’s a great shout-out to you all for being critical and fantastic…ahem…”fashionistas”.

To all the internet strangers who stumbled upon my blog through search engine terms, here’s a shout-out for being one of the best strangers I’ve ever encountered in my life.

To all my constant readers, you are the ones who truly make my day. You are the ones who keep me blogging and thinking about fashion even when my mind is helplessly polluted by chemistry and calculus problems.

If you fall into more than one of the above named categories, you truly rock my world.

Inspired by Lily Allen-Part II

Going off of yesterday’s first Lily Allen post, here’s a part II on Lily Allen’s style from her newest album “It’s Not Me, It’s You”.

The Fear

Definitely one of Lily Allen’s most popular songs from the album, her little cute dress with a bow, the dancing gift boxes, and balloons. Girly, patterns, pastels..cute!

How to get Lily’s look in this video?

  • Girly prints/patterns
  • Pastel colors
  • Add a girly touch (like a bow) to any outfit.


When she was 22…her future seemed bright.

Another striking video was Lily Allen’s “22”. Her outfits are all “night-out” outfits, with dark red lipstick, long bangs, and a draping dress.

How do I get Lily Allen’s look in this video?

  • Dark colors, yet shiny.
  • Dark red lipstick
  • Gothic look

My interpretation:

Inspired by “The Great Gatsby”

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” is one of my most beloved books ever. In fact, I have a paperback copy of it sitting on my computer desk as I am typing (courtesy of my sister’s $75 Barnes & Noble Gift Card). For those of you who haven’t read it, this is definitely a worthy read. Just make it a weekend excursion into Fitzgerald’s little world of literature. Fitzgerald, himself, is a lovely writer mainly because of how he intertwines romance with very typical human flaws. (Quite a world apart from what I’ve been reading lately: Baroness Orczy’s “The Scarlet Pimpernel”, where the female protagonist, Marguerite, is painted as the very picture of perfection with her delicate hands and feet).

If you want to get a taste of Fitzgerald, “The Great Gatsby” is definitely the place to start. I read “The Great Gatsby”, “This Side of Paradise”, and “Tender is the Night” in that order.

Perhaps the most difficult part of writing a Great Gatsby fashion blog post is whether to weigh more heavily to the film or the novel. The 1974 film stars one of my favorite, and who I deem the best-looking man I’ve ever laid eyes upon, Robert Redford and Mia Farrow. Their visually-appealing outfits in the movie are definitely worth looking at. And it may be just me, but I think that the director Jack Clayton does a remarkable job of sticking closely to the text when it comes to costume. Bravo Mr. Clayton.

Part 1 of the movie starts like this:

My god! The lengths we could go with 1920s fashion. I don’t think I can fully cover my adoration of the 20s in this simple blog post. It will have to be stretched to greater lengths. But let’s just get started anyhow.

Mia Farrow as Daisy Buchanan: Crying over Gatsby’s shirts, calling her cousin a rose, swing dancing, and mood swinging. Yep, that’s Daisy Buchanan. But her wardrobe is sheer beauty, especially with the onset of spring filling fashionistas’ minds with questions over what to include into our wardrobes and what to throw out. Daisy Buchanan’s outfit is a perfect example of a relaxed, yet helplessly romantic outfit.

 Outfit 1-Bringing some of that “loose” clothing into your winter wardrobe

Outfit 2-Breezy Spring Day-Probably the best thing to have in your wardrobe for Spring 2010 would be a breezy spring dress. Add some old-fashioned accessories and you’ve got yourself a Daisy Buchanan look!

Gatsby’s Parties: It’s All About the Glitz and the Glamour. Flappers at parties! Holy smoke! Fun, jewels, swaying pearls, dancing in fountains, flouncy bobbed hair…all wrapped into Jay Gatsby’s parties. Below is a perfect picture of Tom Buchanan, Jordan Baker, Daisy Buchanan, and Jay Gatsby, looking very stylish for the swing-age.

 Outfit 1-Bringing a Little Glitz and Glamour into Your Wardrobe

Outfit 2-Dancing the Night Away


whoo! This post has actually inspired me more than anything else! I am definitely hitting up some thrift stores and Nordstrom Rack this weekend to see if we can find any 1920s-style deals!


We will always love you Alexander McQueen

How do I dress?

I recently received an email asking me to make a post about how I dress, rather than looking at how other people/things dress all the time. This actually might be a good idea? I’ll just document my key outfits (the ones I love the most) and my favorite accessories.

My Everyday Accessories:

-Cute and/or Statement Earrings:

-Fun or Classic scarves

-SUNGLASSES! I am engaged in a neverending love affair with sunglasses. From wayfarers to aviators, I love them all.

My Outfits

Outfit 1-It’s gonna be a long day. Starting school at 9:30 am and having lab until 9:30 pm with only 3.5 hrs of break in between classes during those twelve hours means: dress for it! Probably not the best time to try out a piece of clothing that you aren’t totally comfortable with. My favorite thing to do? A pair of black skeggings, a slouchy sweater, a casual tee, my favorite pair of furry boots (NOTE: I stay away from Uggs.), and a pair of cute earrings that complements my look yet that doesn’t get in my way while conducting acid-base titrations.

Outfit 2-Through the Wind and Rain. If there’s one thing you learn as a college student in Seattle, it’s how to dress through the wind and rain. Freezing cheeks and slimy hair are definitely not chic. When I see the weather forecast predicting a day of rain with moderate winds, I bundle up with a cozy puffer jacket, a simple tee, a mini bandage skirt, a quirky pair of leggings, and rain boots. This outfit is all about mixing it up. From dull stripes and vivid spots, to a puffy jacket with a bandage skirt. This ensemble may look ridiculous upon first glance, but it is actually really comfortable and fitting. Keeping it practical with the plain shirt and jacket, chic with the skirt and earrings, and quirky with the leggings and the boots.

Outfit 3-Casual. On normal days, when it’s plain old gray and I’m just feeling a bit down, I tend to go casual. My ideal of casual consists of a hand-me-down shearling jacket from my cousin, a plaid button-down, a pair of skinny leg jeans, and a pair of ballet flats. This is the typical “model off duty” look.

Outfit 4-Gossip Girl Chic

I admit it. I worship Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe (minus the lingerie, which I don’t envy quite as much as her collection of headbands and dresses). So, I try to bring a little Gossip Girl chic into my wardrobe with preppy pieces.

Conclusion: Above are just four examples of what I wear. Overall, I would say that I really like the “model off-duty” look (shearling jacket and slouchy sweater), I like pops of color (like my yellow pea-coat and my rain boots), I love girly touches (earrings and skirts), I love mixing things up, I love trying out trends (and returning the trends that don’t work for me), and I love being me.

Isn’t that a happy way to end a night? It’s 10:30 pm sharp. I’m going to publish this post now.

Natalie is in a blogging rut

I am in a blogging rut. I don’t know what to blog about anymore. I’m tired of oohing and aahing over things…and I don’t really want to do Lady Gaga outfits anymore.

So guess what guys. I’m commissioning myself to a new project: OUTS INSPIRED BY FOOD

We are what we eat…so let’s make the best of it.

XOXO Natalie