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Je les adore

Pre-final exam week. Unfortunately for me, time to go on huge shopping spree retail therapies is nonexistent. I am thus left to online retail therapy. Although it is much less appealing and satisfying than going crazy in a mall, it suffices in comparison to Simpson’s Rule and Lewis Dot Structures.

Anyways, I thought I should share with you a few products that really caught my eye. Je les adore!

Keynote Necklace: Why? I am in need of another necfklace. The only necklace I wear right now is a marbe with small light green beads, supposedly a lucky charm from Taiwan that ensures good grades. Skepticism overcomes my superstition of course, but it still looks pretty nice as a fashion accessory so I wear it anyways. P.S. CHECK OUT MODCLOTH’S NEW ALICE IN WONDERLAND INSPIRED SECTION.

Flapper Style: I recently started re-reading The Great Gatsby…again. Anyways,  Daisy Buchanan and Jordan Baker are simply so inspirational when it comes to style and attitude. I know I should not be drawing inspiration from Daisy, who lacks mental strength, and with Jordan, who has very little character plot. Anyways, I was thrilled when I found this top on La Garconne. The tassels totally remind me of something flappers could pull off.

A Heartbeat Bag: Perhaps my newest favorite designer is Rebecca Minkoff. She combines casual chic with edgy to make a combination of awesome handbags. I am lacking a beautiful handbag at this moment. I only have my mother’s “The Sak” purse from the 90s, a cheap floral tote from Macy’s, a Kipling messenger bag, and a turquoise school bag. I don’t have a real “chic”handbag at this moment. Obviously, I fell in love with Rebecca Minkoff’s heartbeat bag.

Other handbags I fell in love with:

Chambray Ruffle Skirt: Only two words are needed-Trendy and Chambray!

A bientot, mes fashionistas!


To-Buy List

It’s…almost….spring 2010! Well it’s beeng Spring 2010 for a couple of weeks already in the fashion world. Anyhow, it’s time I plan out what I should be setting aside my money for these coming months. My to-buy list:

1. Bright-colored dress

2. New Flats…my current ones are falling apart. literally. Time to buy new flats, honey.

3. Real Tights-With Winter and Fall, came the rise of footless tights and leggings.  I think it’s time I buy some…real tights.

4. Something with lace. The idea of Gothic and Romance mixed together makes me very excited. Not to mention how big of a spring trend lace is!

5. Something Pastel-Colored. My wardrobe is wayyy too ungirly color-wise. Mustard yellow, tan, oranges, and navy blues are the dominant colors. Ick ick and eugh for lack of variety. Time to girly it up with some pastels!

Outfits Inspired by Molly Ringwald in “Pretty in Pink”

Molly Ringwald, who the new generation probably knows by her role as a mom in “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”, was an absolutely perfect and gorgeous actress back in the eighties. (Yet another reason I wish that I were born back in the 1980s). Famous for “The Breakfast Club”, “Sixteen Candles,” “Pretty in Pink”, and a variety of other things.

I know that I’ll most likely doing more than one post about Molly Ringwald since her outfits in all of these different roles have been diverse beyond imagination. “Pretty in Pink” is an excellent starting point that showcases some old-fashioned and hardcore eighties looks. Here’s the trailer:

Mixing Florals into an Outfit the Old-fashioned way:

Molly Ringwald loves mixing florals into her outfit! Just look at her in this above photo. A lovely floral blouse, a nice floral kerchief, and a hat with a floral scarf tied around. Remember that fashion rule to not wear floral in more than one main piece on your outfit? She’s breaking it! That’s what makes the eighties even more lovable. How nostalgic I must sound right now. A raving college girl moaning about her fate to be chained to the 21st century. Below are two ideas on how to incorporate the “over-floralization” of an outfit that Molly Ringwald has above.

Outfit 1-Molly Ringwald Imitation

Outfit 2-Modern Flower Child

“Pretty in Pink” Prom Dress

And, of course, Molly Ringwald’s “finale dress”, her gorgeously cut pink dress with white polka-dots. How gorgeous she looked, standing in the hallway outside of the dance. And when she ran out after Blane in the end. Sigh…just pulls on my heartstrings.

Outfit 1-Molly Ringwald Imitation


Outfit 2-Pretty in Pink Indeed

Bon nuit, fashionistas!

Weekly Loves

-Lacey Collar with Structured Shoulder Dress

-Blazing Blue Blazer (bad alliteration)

-Bring It On Summer Dress

-Holey Shirt minus the e and the r spells…..

Hot Red Heels:


I have enough shoes to just match my outfits (polka-dot rain boots, classic ballet flats, classic mid-calf black suede boots, classic fur-trimmed boots, brown walking shoes with school color laces, and Nike Reax’s), but I want a bit more adventure…and exoticism to my shoe wardrobe. So, I have decided to blog about my most wanted shoes. Enjoy.

Oxfords: We all love how those preppy Oxford boys dress. So why not bring that preppy and vintage into our wardrobe with a cute pair of Oxfords.

Lace-Up Boots: Something about how hardcore, yet chic, lace-up boots can look totally appeals to me.

Pumps: They’re everywhere these days. From the ballroom to the club, pumps go with any occasion.

Now, for my NOT-WANTED LIST:

1. Uggs

2. Crocs

3. Moccasins

4. Shoes that people only wear because they’re name brand: I am sick and tired of Louis Vuitton wedges and Coach shoes. Shoes can be more artistic beyond screaming “HEY! THIS IS NAME BRAND!”. Some of the most beautiful shoes in the world don’t worry about pasting a “Tory Burch” symbol on them, because those shoes are focused on comfort and chicness.To be 100% honest, unless they would still look good without the little “Chanel” symbol, don’t get them.