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Getting Ready for Summer: 5 Outfits for All Your Summer Activities.

Is the sun coming out for you as brightly as it is for me? For many of you, graduation has already gone by and you are already on summer break!

Not for me though. My college is on a quarterly schedule. Damn it, which means..I don’t finish school until June.

Either way, summer outfits are totally in and are definitely not receding until August/September.

So here we are, 5 of my favorite outfits for your favorite summer adventures.

Backyard Parties-Whether it’s with your family or with your awesome buddies, you’re going to have to go to a backyard party sometime. And, yes, barbecues tend to get warm so be prepared. I chose a cool, breezy (but very chic) dress, neon pink shades, T-strap sandals, and a fantastic Smashbox bronzer.

Pool Parties-Basically like a backyard party. Only be prepared to get wet, to fall into a pull, to swallow a mouthful of pool water, and yes, to knock that cute guy from your French class into the pool by accident. For this outfit, I chose a bandeau bikini (I’ve always been a bandeau sort of person since they are so much more secure!), a breezy cover-up, and a rockin’ pair of flip flops.

Music Festival-If you live in Seattle (like me), summer is absolutely gorgeous. Bumbershoot and a variety of other music-related things going on. You can’t call yourself a true Seattlite college gal without going to at least one of those events during summer. For this outfit, I chose a casual cardigan, a floral top, a pair of distressed denim shorts, and some Nars SPF 25 Lip Treatment to keep your lips feeling as good as the rest of yourself.

Summer Nights: Friends, your boyfriend, your family…you will be staying out late on summer nights. I mean, who could resist? Summer has nighttime temperatures higher than daytime temperatures during the rest of the year.Whatever it is you will be doing on a summer night, stay pretty. For this outfit I chose, a light sweater for the little chill you be facing, a cute and vintage tee, a bright skirt, and some of Benefit’s lip and cheek stain.

Camp/Outdoors: And if you’re more of an outdoorsy person, you’ll be going camping! I know I will be in a matter of weeks. When camping it’s important to feel your best and look your best, without looking too high-maintenance. Think casual. For this outfit, I chose a light, plain jacket, a casual (but summer-y) tee, a pair of rustic denim shorts, and waterproof mascara (raccoon eyes are a big no-no for campers).

Well, that’s all, have yourself a wonderful beginning of summer!